Increase Your Ability to Sell,
Lead and Influence with Powerful STORIES

Learn How to Find, Create and Share Great Stories That Move People

STORYSeeker (stȯr-ē-sē-ker), n. A person who builds relationships by searching for meaningful events in a person’s life which they willingly share in the form of a story.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of human communication. Stories can be handed down through the ages, uncover mysteries, intrigue listeners and engage audiences.

Our simple and easy to use and learn, story-building framework is grounded in the latest relevant trends in neuro-and cognitive science."

A STORYSeeker yearns to understand and connect before attempting to
influence, inspire, lead or move others to action.


"No story lives unless someone wants to listen." - JK Rowling

"Facts Tell, Stories Sell!"

Credible research suggests your prospects value relevant stories!

According to 2013 Gartner research, 70% of buyers surveyed, agreed to strongly agreed with the statement “customer stories and case studies are the best way that providers can communicate differentiation that I trust.”

More recently, 2017 Forrester Research showed short-form interactive content like peer stories and credible industry-specific data attract and engage B2B buyers.  

The problem is that most case studies written by marketing don’t inspire or move anyone.

Learn the Sales Skillset

STORYSeeking for Sales is a skillset that requires training, practice and refinement. Although the fundamentals of storyseeking apply to any human communication, there are unique skills based on the nature of your interaction.

STORYSeekers for Sales Workshop teaches:

  • Build and share the three essential stories every salesperson should know.
  • Establish trust and belief with prospects in under 90 seconds.
  • Overcome the "discovery resistance" of the prospect.
  • Learn how to speak to the decision-making area
    of the prospect's brain
  • Listen and empathize with the buyer's story

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This workshop focuses on the professional salesperson. Selling requires specialized skills for building relationships quickly to achieve the goal of determining if that salesperson can be of service to their prospect. Having your prospect share their stories on their challenges and successes provides insight and perspective in the buying relationship.



The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection
and the Power of Story

Throughout our careers, we have been trained to ask diagnostic questions, deliver value props, and conduct ROI studies. It usually doesn’t work; best case, we can argue with the customer about numbers―purely a left brain exercise, which turns buyers off. This book explains a better way.―John Burke, Group Vice President, Oracle Corporation