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Discovery Resistance b2b discovery resistance mike bosworth solution selling

by Mike Bosworth

A frustrated VP of Sales. 

At the peak of my Solution Selling business, in the mid-90s, I was speaking to one of our clients.  He was the VP of Sales of an enterprise B2B salesforce of 200 reps. He was selling highly  complex software as a service application to...

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Accidental Team Building coaching storyseekers team building

What is "Team Building?" But, really, what is it? If you ask twenty different business executives for their definition of team building, you will most likely hear twenty versions full of vague platitudes. A typical description might sound like the process of user interaction, activities,...

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Creating the CEM - Customer Experience Marketing crossing the chasm customer experience marketing marketing and sales

Why Sales & Marketing Are Broken:

90% of the world has not implemented what Geoffrey Moore put forth in his "Crossing the Chasm." Successful startups are usually comprised of a team of a technical genius
(scientist/engineer/software developer), CFO, and someone to do "sales & marketing."...

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B2B Moneyball – Sales Productivity Metrics b2b metrics sales sales productivity

With its extended season and its fundamental "One-on-One Matchups" game structure, Major  League Baseball has long been the most advanced team sport for metrics optimizing player  performance, roster composition, and in-game tactics and strategies. The purpose of this paper  is to...

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Facilitating the B2B Buyer Journey buyers journey mike bosworth

By Mike Bosworth 

Statistics tell us that 50% of all non-technical graduates of four-year colleges will spend some  career time as salespeople. There are over 4000 colleges and universities in the United States.  Among them, only about 200 have more than two courses in selling or...

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Integrating Customer Enablement Marketing with Sales customer enablement marketing with sales mike bosworth storyseekers

When meeting Sales Executives of companies with offerings to improve enterprise
productivity (Sales/marketing automation, CRM, etc.), I often ask: "What contribution
does marketing make to enable your salespeople to have business conversations with
decision-makers who have a high probability of...

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Leading in a "Trust Recession"

by co-authors, John Kratz and Mike Bosworth

According to a recent McKinsey & Company article, more than 19 million US workers have quit their jobs since April 21, 2021.

Organizational leaders are struggling to address the problem. 

McKinsey & Company surveyed 250 employer talent...

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Let me Preface this...

Recently, you received an email or notification about, and our upcoming webinar with New York Times Best Selling Author Mike Bosworth, as well as future STORYSeeker workshops. In all our excitement, we left out just one little, but very important, piece of information. We forgot...

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Can We Please Stop Pitching?

An email hit my inbox from a sales association asking for me to register for their upcoming webinar.

The subject was "Shift Your Pitch" and the premise of the webinar is as follows:

Four members of the association were going to be allowed to give their "pitch" to professional trainers. These...

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Permission Selling

by Mike Bosworth

Most of us are familiar with the term, “permission marketing.” When we sign up for an organization’s message by sharing our email, we “opt-in” to their marketing efforts. We are giving them permission to communicate with us.

 The purpose of this...

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A Story for Your Next Committee Meeting

During the fall and winter I work in academia at a satellite campus of a large land-grant state university.

I mainly teach, but our school's administration requires I "serve" by participating on various committees. I've never been big on committees and generally find them a waste of time.


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A Teaching Story for Salespeople

This story has been told for over one thousand years. It has something useful to say to people who sell for a living.

Truth, naked and cold, had been turned away from every door in the village. Her nakedness frightened the people. When Story found her she was huddled in the corner ...
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