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B2B Moneyball – Sales Productivity Metrics b2b metrics sales sales productivity

With its extended season and its fundamental "One-on-One Matchups" game structure, Major  League Baseball has long been the most advanced team sport for metrics optimizing player  performance, roster composition, and in-game tactics and strategies. The purpose of this paper  is to...

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What Great Sales People Do sales story storytelling

Mike Bosworth, has been a thought leader within the field of sales for decades. He has designed several sales training programs for a number of fortune 500 companies, and is a seasoned author, speaker, entrepreneur, and sales philosopher. In this conversation, we hit on the power of...

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4 Storytelling Lessons sales story storytelling

Carly Wennogle of Kapost writes about 4 Storytelling Lessons for Marketers she learned at the 2015 Storyseekers™ workshop.

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