StorySeekers Consulting can be delivered to small groups and individuals committed to fine-tuning their story skillset. Consulting sessions can be tailored to job function – sales, tactical marketing, sales management, job seekers, and senior leadership.

Building your inventory of leadership stories

You can’t make people change, but you can create a culture where they choose to. This starts with a deep senior leaders discussion about empowering employee choices with purposeful stories. We work with you to build senior leader versions of mission/vision/value stories as well as potential merger/acquisition stories before the Connected Leader Workshop.

Building your inventory of leadership stories

Harvesting your customer
hero stories

We work with your Customer Experience Marketing people to ‘harvest’ and build an inventory of oral Customer Hero stories. Practicing these  Customer Hero Stories out loud will help your newly hired salespeople get productive much quicker than product oriented training. Customer Hero Stories initiate buy-cycles with targeted buyer personas.

Effective onboarding of new
sales representatives

We work with sales leaders to help create an on-boarding process for your sales reps that decrease their “time to competence” and help these new reps make their first sales faster. We can help you increase the speed in which your new hire can transition into their new role. 

Converting marketing case studies into sales ready oral stories

The number one reason salespeople don't use case studies written by your marketing department is because they are written to be read.  We can work together to convert your case studies to be told orally in a story format that engages the customer, makes an emotional connection, and ones that your salespeople will be eager to use.

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