STORYSeekers for Sales Workshops

STORYSeeking for Sales is a skillset that requires training, practice and refinement. Although the fundamentals of storyseeking apply to any human communication, there are unique skills based on the nature of your interaction.

Why STORYSeekers?

Read Michael's story...

His Manager Laughed When He Asked To Attend a Storyseekers Workshop...

Everyone said Michael was meant for sales. He was outgoing and persistent. After an extensive search, Michael found a company with solutions he believed in. He was hired and was off and running. His company gave him product training and a sales playbook with all the tools they told him he needed. However, his sales manager was a numbers person who believed that the more calls he made, the more likely was his success. His quota was making 40 cold calls per day, every day.

Michael struggled. Cold calling was not fun and proved very difficult. In his best month ever, he secured one meeting for every 8 cold calls - impressive but not good enough to meet his revenue quota. Michael felt stressed. He was feeling pressure to lie about his pipeline and his activities. Michael didn't know what to do next.

One day, his old college professor called to invite him to a workshop that taught how stories can be used to engage prospects. The workshop was expensive and Michael did not have the funds to attend it. So he went to his sales manager and asked to have his company pay his workshop tuition." You want to attend a sales workshop on storytelling? You must be kidding, storytelling is for kids!", as he laughed hysterically. Feeling dejected, Michael went back to his cubicle. But Michael was persistent, and trusted the advice of his old professor. He decided to pay his own way. During the workshop Michael learned about the science of selling through human connection and the startling power of stories for influencing and inspiring people to take action.

Michael left the workshop excited to put his new skill sets into practice. He changed his whole approach to conducting sales conversations with prospects. In short order, Michael started converting 50% of his cold calls into appointments. Almost 60% of those first meetings were advancing to second meetings. Within three months, Michael was the top salesperson at his company. Amazingly, not one person in his company asked what he was doing differently.

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This workshop focuses on the professional salesperson. Selling requires specialized skills for building relationships quickly to achieve the goal of determining if that salesperson can be of service to their prospect. Having your prospect share their stories on their challenges and successes provides insight and perspective in the buying relationship.


STORYSeekers for Sales Workshop teaches:

  • Build and share the three essential stories every salesperson should know.
  • Establish trust and belief with prospects in under 90 seconds.
  • Overcome the "discovery resistance" of the prospect.
  • Learn how to speak to the decision-making area of the prospect's brain
  • Listen and empathize with the buyer's story

”The shortest distance between two people is a story.” - Unknown