StorySeekers Speaking events provide attendees with the opportunity to learn how something as simple as stories can engage, connect and win over even the most difficult business prospects.

The Power of Story

We all know that stories are very powerful. In this keynote address, we will cover why stories are so powerful, how the human brain makes decisions and how to find, create and tell great stories so you can increase your ability to influence those around you.

The Power of Story
How to Behave So Your Buyer Does Too!

How to Behave so Your Buyer Does Too

Many salespeople exhibit behaviors they believe will help them “close” the sale. In actuality, many of these behaviors are detrimental to making a sale!

We will cover at least three behaviors that are detrimental to a salespersons success and discuss the best way to increase their ability to influence potential clients.

When Selling, Your Expertise Becomes Your Enemy

Every sales professional  should be an “expert” however, how this expertise is used can either make or break a salesperson. In this keynote, we will show how your expertise can be your enemy and how to help your buyers  discover their own solutions, rather than being told what they need to do.

When Leading, Your Authority Becomes Your Enemy

When managers lack skills for influencing and inspiring others, they tend to overplay their authority card. Authority, a blunt instrument. Overuse of it erodes trust and connection. Learn how to listen to others, use stories, earn their trust, and influence them to volunteer to follow you. 

Integrating Marketing and Sales

Both Marketing and Sales help people buy your product. Both roles initiate buy cycles, but there is more. There’s still peer curiosity, peer envy, connection, trust, pain, a struggle, and a buying vision.
To integrate silos, both Sales and tactical Marketing must agree on the definition of a Qualified Lead. Let's discuss the definition of a targeted buyer persona, and get Sales and Tactical Marketing on the same page!

Customer Experience Marketing

Together we can harvest successful customer stories and all your customer-facing people will learn to use stories to facilitate buying cycles! Create a Customer Expertise Department and confine the use of your product expertise department to pre-sales proof and post-sales implementation.

How and Why People Buy

Most people buy based on their emotional needs and wants, then they justify the purchase they just made with logic. This is common knowledge in the sales profession today. However, what is the best way to make the emotional connection with someone to increase your ability to influence them? That is what you will learn in this keynote address.

Protecting Your Price When Negotiating

Learn the difference between a cost justification and a price justification from your buyer’s perspective! What your buyer needs to believe before he/she decides to buy from you. How to prepare in advance for a negotiation.

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