Virtual Workshops

All STORYSeekers® workshops are a combination of lecture and coach led small group experiential learning exercises. Workshop exercises are tailored to job function – sales, tactical marketing, sales management, job seekers, senior leadership.

Connected Leader Workshop

Story Seekers® Connected Leader Workshop

The current leadership environment is increasingly more challenging and complex.

COVID-19, the “Great Resignation “and remote working is placing a premium on leaders who can BOTH inspire and forge a human connection with their teams through effective communication.

Storytelling and connected listening are two of the most in demand communication skills today.
There has never been a better time to upskill your oral storytelling and listening skills.
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Front-line Sales Leader Workshop

Front line sales leader is one of the most challenging positions imaginable. Most front line sales leaders were promoted because they were top 20% salespeople. Salespeople are opportunity-specific, just-in-time learners. Most salespeople abhor practice and want to be left alone.
Build, practice, and enhance your sales coaching in small groups following a story-based communication framework with expert coaching. The Story Seekers® Front-line Sales Leader workshop will help sales leaders prepare sellers on an opportunity specific basis. Rehearse and practice customer hero stories that will move suspects not looking to prospects looking. Practice coaching sellers on facilitating B2B buy cycles at each step.
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Customer Experience Marketing Workshop

Product marketing expertise may give you prestige, but customer usage expertise will help your salesforce sell more of your products.
Product feature marketing inhibits the time-to-solution expertise time for new salespeople. It also inhibits your customer’s buying process by overwhelming them with too much information.
Integrate your tactical marketing efforts with your enterprise selling efforts to stimulate the buying cycles of your targeted buyer personas.
In the STORYSeekers® Customer Experience Marketing Workshop you will practice and enhance your story harvesting, story-building, and storytelling skills in small groups following a story-based communication framework with expert coaching.
First, learn to harvest the stories of your happiest, most successful customers.
Then, use those positive customer usage experiences to enhance your social marketing to build oral stories.
Our expert coaches will  help you brainstorm and build targeted buyer stimulation messaging and campaigns in small groups with expert feedback.
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Job Seekers Workshop

After this workshop, you will have created your “Who Am I” story that you will be able to use in any interview.
And, you will understand how to create more stories to influence interviewers that you are the person for the position you are pursuing.
Additionally, having technical skills, being collaborative, a team player, and being a problem-solver are all job skills needed in today’s business world.
However, being able to communicate your expertise in these areas through story will allow you to make a better emotional connection with the interviewer and increase your chances of getting the position you want.
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Talent Acquisition Workshop

Acquiring the best talent in today’s business world is crucial for the success of any company.
Having stories that show a great career path for those talented individuals is also mandatory in today’s competitive climate.
Learn how to find, create and tell great stories about your company to potential employees to influence them that working with your company will allow them to reach their goals. 
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Customer Hero Workshop

Overcoming Discovery Resistance is Job #1 for most sellers.

Think about the discovery resistance you experience when you are in a retail store and a seller approaches you with the ‘can I help you’ question, and you give the ‘I’m just looking’ answer.
Most people and buyers have an inherent distrust of salespeople that causes them to resist answering discovery questions.
Learn to use STORYSeekers® Customer Hero stories to find and get targeted buyers who should be looking at you to look.
Practice and enhance your connection and trust-building skills in small groups following a story-based communication framework with expert coaching.
The STORYSeekers® Connected Leader workshop will help participants improve storytelling and story tending skills. Learn to stimulate the peer curiosity of your targeted buyers. Practice telling finely crafted oral stories for targeted buyer personas.
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